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MM-EEG001 Digital EEG 32 Channels

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MM-EEG001 Digital EEG 32 Channels

Superior Technology EEG Machine is produced by us at unbeatable price which are made to provide you a positive result of your diagnose. Our work determination and dedication towards our work has made us capable to compete with our competitors in this competitive market. Our vision is concerned to provide you the best quality medical machines. Our primary motive is to achieve customer satisfaction by providing them world class EEG Biofeedback Machine and digital EEG Machine which are quite unique in function, potable, durable and high in performance. These are electronically operated with their advanced functions which helps to get the accurate result of diagnose. We are listed amidst the distinguished Digital EEG Machine Manufacturers and Suppliers in the international market.

Specification :
  • Standard 32-channel amplifier
  • The latest intelligent digital EEG amplifier, which integrates electrode box, amplifier, filter, A/D.
  • Digital signal transmission enhances the ant jamming ability.
  • 10/20 international standard system supports special electrodes, the combination of 13 kinds of standard leads can be selected (hardware) at real time or changed when uploading (software), support: A1, A2, A1+A2, A1←→A2
  • Resistance is displayed in the electrode box and tested in the acquisition course, so that the physician can adjust the electrode in time.
  • USB interface, coupled with a laptop computer form a portable EEG system
  • ECG and RESP
  • Control flashlight automatically and manually
  • The amplitude and frequency of EEG can be measured
  • BEAM, power spectrum, and all kinds of trend graph
  • The EEG database management, supporting MO or CD-RW archiving
  • The special isolation transformer and optical cable ensure security

Optional function :
  • Video monitor system
  • Sleep module, ECG, EOG, SpO2, EMG, RESP

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